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Study Abroad Opportunities


Comparative Law and Legal Systems in the Caribbean

This spring program, open to all majors, offers a unique opportunity for comparative study of two of the world's major legal systems: the common law system (in Barbados, United States Virgin Islands, and British Virgin Islands) and the civil law system (in Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin). Using an array of perspectives, the study of each system will cover the basic aspects of constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, court systems, and legal education. Some attention will also be given to the links between law and religion, politics, economics, race and other cultural aspects of the Caribbean region. Additionally, the program will explore the transition of legal systems from colonial to independent and their relationship to regional and international law. In addition to the program activities, there will be many opportunities to independently explore the islands and travel to neighboring islands during and after the program.

Australia: Its People, Government, Justice Systems and Public Policies

Open to all majors, this spring semester interdisciplinary program offers an exceptional opportunity to study firsthand the people, government and justice systems, and public policies of Australia. The program allows students to study the dichotomous qualities of Australia, from its cosmopolitan environment to its reputation as one of the world's last frontiers.

Scheduled during Australia's summer months of January and February, this overseas studies program is conducive to many sun and water activities during participants' free time. Classes generally meet four times a week, leaving long weekends for individual travel and sightseeing.

Madagascar: Paradise in Peril? Exploring Madagascar's Biodiversity Crisis

Open to all majors, this early summer program is co-sponsored by the Colleges of Social Science, Agriculture & Natural Resources and Natural Science. The three-week program takes students to the island of Madagascar, home to an astonishing eight plant, four bird, and five primate families that live nowhere else on Earth. The program allows students to examine the delicate relationship Madagascar is faced in balancing between human development and environmental protection.

The Philippines: Justice and Development Practice in Transitional Societies of Southeast Asia

Open to all majors, this early spring program (May/June) is sponsored by the College of Social Science.  The month long program takes place in the Southeast Asia country of the Philippines.  The Philippines has undergone significant social and political transformations within the last few decades, partly fueled by experiences of globalization and technology.  The program allows students to learn firsthand many contradictions, challenges, and opportunities in a transitional and developing society in the areas of justice and legal systems, the dynamics of governance and public citizenship and environmental protection.

Study Away Opportunities

MSU Study Away programs offer courses and internships at locations within the United States.  Programs allow students to apply classroom knowledge in professional settings. College of Social Science study away programs include Boston, New York, Hawaii, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

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